Choose Your Adventure

Craghoppers’ #Choose Your Adventure contest has got me thinking. Not just because it could fund and equip the next trip. But also because we all love a good adventure story – tales of trails trod and hardships endured can help nudge us towards our next challenge.  So while you consider yours, here’s an adventure tale of myContinue reading “Choose Your Adventure”

Seaside Snow Exploring

What to do when the wintry weather hits the shore? GetOutside! On Sunday in Torbay we became seaside snow explorers. Scooping out angels, leaving tracks. It was a soft, muffled world where shapes changed. Cars had extra curves. Lines were more defined. We saw fairytale doors to magical places (“Look! it’s the door to Narnia!”) Discovered liminalContinue reading “Seaside Snow Exploring”

First Winter Climb

Buzzard-eye views, icicles at eye level and learning new skills. Why my first taste of winter climbing in Scotland was a kind of GetOutside relay “Don’t look down” people always say about heights. And sometimes, as a still fairly new climber, I’ve taken a glance ground-wards and really wished I hadn’t. But this time, partContinue reading “First Winter Climb”

Five Reasons to Walk This Winter

Three weeks into the New Year is a tricky time. Still-dark evenings, harsh weather and (perhaps) some resolutions that haven’t quite survived. But those aren’t reasons not to GetOutside and walk. They’re precisely why we should. Set Goals Like cute dogs, resolutions are not just for Christmas (well, New Year). Why confine defining our aspirationsContinue reading “Five Reasons to Walk This Winter”

Three Great GetOutside Resolutions

Amid all the New Year Stops and Dont’s and Giving Ups, how about adding a great big GetOutside YES!! Here are three great GetOutside Resolutions that you’ll delight in keeping: Live. Laugh. Love. Live By which I mean – really feel alive. There’s something about being in the outdoors, encased by sky and ground orContinue reading “Three Great GetOutside Resolutions”

Four Reasons Why The Women’s Climbing Symposium Rocked

As the chalk dust settles on another Women’s Climbing Symposium, here are four ways in which this epic event more than delivered on its aims to connect, develop and inspire. And will actually help us GetOutside. Connect There were fewer women than usual at the UK’s crags last Saturday. That’s because more than 300 of them hadContinue reading “Four Reasons Why The Women’s Climbing Symposium Rocked”

Why GetOutside Beach Bivvys Make You Smile

Sandhoppers in your sleeping bag, a sloping shore and not getting much sleep. Some think kipping on a beach won’t be a whole heap of fun. But that’d mean missing out on big driftwood fires, a soothing soundtrack of waves and an array of glittering stars. All in all a memorable GetOutside … I’m writingContinue reading “Why GetOutside Beach Bivvys Make You Smile”

Seven Reasons to Learn Map Reading

This summer I was lucky to be one of the leaders on a five-week British Exploring Society expedition to the Canadian Yukon. On that trip we trekked high hills, paddled rivers and camped wild in a remote wilderness. It was challenging, physically, mentally and emotionally. But it also forged the kind of friendships, and madeContinue reading “Seven Reasons to Learn Map Reading”