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Belinda Dixon



Outdoors & UK Travel Writer

Podcast Producer

Writing Trainer


My copy is thoughtful, empathic, organic and effective. It subtly uses SEO techniques to help your product attract audiences and build relationships. When combined with the right content strategy, it can help drive traffic, inspire conversations, build long-term relationships, grow sales, and increase revenue. Formats include blogs, articles, web pages, newsletters and books. Clients include tourist boards, leisure and lifestyle brands, universities, credit card companies and car manufacturers.

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Outdoors Writing

Britain is packed with urban and rural spaces waiting to be explored. In co-researching Ordnance Survey’s new Walk London and Walk Edinburgh guides, we unearthed the intriguing stories and green places hidden among the shops and roads. We discovered routes, walked paths and marked-up maps. We then wrote about them in ways that resonate and inspire.

Travel & Destination Writing

More than 10 years working as a Lonely Planet guidebook writer has seen me heading out on the road in places as diverse as Devon, Cornwall, south west England, Ireland, Iceland and Italy. As well as honing my research and writing skills, it’s led to endless adventures – such as soaking in geothermal pools in the Westfjords.


The podcasts I produce for Ordnance Survey are so outdoorsy you can almost smell the wood smoke. Whether you’re in the kitchen or on the commute, GetOutside transports you to the heart of the high hills, the moors and the shores. From epic adventures to tips for family fun, each edition includes some simple steps to help make those outdoors dreams a reality.


Crafting evocative writing about the outdoors, destinations and close-to-home explorations can be challenging. But it’s also incredibly powerful when it connects fully with readers. At its heart lies good storytelling – something that drives all effective communication. I explore the techniques you can harness in bespoke training sessions, including two-day courses for Explorers Connect and Wilderness Scotland.

Photo Credit: Rohan Parekh & British Exploring
Creative Media

As a Creative Media Leader for the youth development charity, the British Exploring Society I’ve helped lead challenging expeditions to Iceland, the Canadian Yukon and the Indian Himalaya. They’ve seen me help remarkable young explorers reflect on their experiences and turn them into extraordinary expedition tales.

Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion

I’m very proud indeed to have been a GetOutside Champion for Ordnance Survey since 2017. This voluntary role sees a whole bunch of us sharing the joys of being active outdoors. Because we know when we’re outside we’re healthier and happier, and more connected with ourselves, our world and with loved ones and friends.