“top-quality writing … one of the most enthusiastic and conscientious authors on our books” Clifton Wilkinson, Lonely Planet

Punchy phrasing. Thorough research. Powerful evocations of people and place.

I specialise in tightly-written text that inspires people to explore, discover and maybe even realise a dream. It’s the bedrock of guidebooks and adventure and travel articles; the foundation of tourism and business marketing. And it sits snugly in print and digital products alike.

“Belinda has the unique skill of writing concisely whilst still selling our destination in an evocative way.” Lynnette Crisp, Visit Kent

I craft text that evokes action and place. Geographical areas of expertise include Tuscany, Verona, Mantua, the Italian Lakes, Northern Ireland, south west England (home), the Channel Islands, southern England, Kent and East Anglia.

Research/writing trips have also taken me to France, Norway, Austria, southern Spain, the Republic of Ireland (especially Donegal), Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Aberdeen.

Clients include:

Lonely Planet (2006-current) 14 guidebooks (including  chapters of Devon & Cornwall, England, Great Britain, Walking in Britain, Ireland’s Best Trips, Italian Lakes), contributions to three feature titles

Visit Dartmoor Articles including those on climbing, mountain biking and horse-riding

Click here for Belinda’s Amazon Author Profile

Lonely Planet Client Solutions (2009-2011) Text for projects involving the University of Aberdeen; Marketing Birmingham; Nissan Qashqai

“her research skills are second to none” Clifton Wilkinson, Lonely Planet

Rough Guides (2002-2006) Updating country chapters of the Rough Guide to Europe (Norway, Austria, southern Spain, France)

TripAdvisor Client Solutions (2013) Visa Australia text on Global Festivals

Visit Kent (2013) 16,000 words for their website re-launch

Visit Ashford & Tenterden (2013) 9000 word web-text

Belinda “maintained the essence and spirit of our destination while delivering on time, to budget and spot on to our brief” Sarah Barber, Ashford Borough Council

Visit Thanet (2013) 5000 word web-text

BBC Magazines (2007-9) Occasional Footsteps articles for BBC History magazine

Cornwall Today  (2008-11) More than 40, monthly, 2000-word, heritage-themed magazine articles

Belinda “combines useful information with an entertaining, engaging writing style to convey an authentic sense of a place … content of exceptionally high standard” Clifton Wilkinson, Lonely Planet


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