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“A brilliant broadcaster” … “a very effective communicator


Some 20 years’ experience working as a presenter, producer, reporter and journalist for BBC radio means I can craft engaging, broadcast-quality audio driven by strong storytelling. I am harnessing these techniques to make the #GetOutside Podcasts for Ordnance Survey as part of their GetOutside campaign.

The podcasts empower and inspire, help communicate key messages, and strengthen the bond between consumer and brand.

They bring together personal stories and practical information to help convey the joys of being outside.

The first Ordnance Survey GetOutside Podcast was the Extreme Sleeps Edition, with adventurer Phoebe Smith. Download or subscribe by following this link, or search for ‘OS GetOutside’ or ‘Ordnance Survey GetOutside’ on your podcast player.


Two decades of working in BBC radio journalism have seen me develop a presentation style that balances authority with warmth – I’m equally comfortable challenging politicians and chatting with Phone-In callers.

Roles at BBC Radio Devon have included eight years presenting its flagship breakfast programmes – testing formats both technically and in terms of content. These shows  require intense concentration; rock-steady journalistic judgement and an ability to connect (both with listeners and interviewees). Plus the knack of knowing when to challenge, and how hard.

I also specialise in news reading, creative programme treatments and crafting evocative features.

Relevant qualifications:

1993: Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism; Falmouth School of Art and Design (now Falmouth University).


Film is by no means my main trade. But I can produce engaging videos for use on social media and on line which convey a sense of the joys of being outside.

My film about British Exploring’s Canadian Yukon expedition (below) also featured reflective audio interviews which drove the narrative.

For that trip I produced two versions, a shorter punchier one for use on social media:

And a more considered one:


Below, I used a blend of facts and clips to drive home the health and happiness message of the Ordnance Survey’s GetOutside campaign:

Belinda is a brilliant broadcaster. A great team member, she’s equally at home with music, news and current affairs programmes” Mark Grinnell, Managing Editor, BBC Radio Devon



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