Radio & Film

“A brilliant broadcaster” … “a very effective communicator


Two decades of working in BBC radio journalism have seen me develop a presentation style that balances authority with warmth – I’m equally comfortable challenging politicians and chatting with Phone-In callers.

Roles at BBC Radio Devon have included eight years presenting its flagship breakfast programmes – testing formats both technically and in terms of content. These shows  require intense concentration; rock-steady journalistic judgement and an ability to connect (both with listeners and interviewees). Plus the knack of knowing when to challenge, and how hard.

I also specialise in news reading, creative programme treatments and crafting evocative features.

Relevant qualifications:

1993: Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism; Falmouth School of Art and Design (now Falmouth University).


Film is by no means my main trade. But I can produce engaging videos for use on social media and on line which convey a sense of the joys of being outside.

My film about British Exploring’s Canadian Yukon expedition (below) also featured reflective audio interviews which drove the narrative.

For that trip I produced two versions, a shorter punchier one for use on social media:

And a more considered one:


Below, I used a blend of facts and clips to drive home the health and happiness message of the Ordnance Survey’s GetOutside campaign:

Belinda is a brilliant broadcaster. A great team member, she’s equally at home with music, news and current affairs programmes” Mark Grinnell, Managing Editor, BBC Radio Devon



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