What’s #YourNature?

When these shoes walked into my life two months ago, they brought more than just a snug, waterproof casing for my feet.

Yes, they were Merrell shoes for us Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champions to test.

But the Siren Hex Q2s also came with a hashtag: #MyNature. And each time I’ve put them on, they’ve set me thinking – what does MyNature mean to me?

I guess MyNature is those wild spaces, near or far, that you positively itch to explore.

Bosigran, Cornwall

It’s the world beyond the window. The un-glazed horizon of sea and hills.

The limpid, molten mirror of an early morning sea swim.

Plymouth Sound


It’s the trek to the foot of the crag that you know will test and scare you – and the exhilaration when you’ve climbed to the top.

MyNature is pushing beyond your fears and doing that first, solo, beach bivvy.

It’s laughing at the rain as you hike hills, coast paths and moors.


It’s being churned about in Cornish surf, and kayaking in surging waves.


It’s toasting food and toes around a camp fire.

And exploring the shore.


For me MyNature is not about doing these things because you’re an expert – often I’m a beginner.

It’s about trying, and sometimes failing.

But always exploring.

And it’s about letting the outdoors help you connect better with yourself, your world and with family and friends.

Since April, my Merrell Sirens have been on my feet as I’ve embarked on all these adventures. They’ve become my go-to outdoor shoe.

Shoes that keep you dry and help you GetOutside and be wild.

They even make you think.

So that’s MyNature – what’s yours?

Published by Belinda Dixon

I'm a travel & adventure writer (Lonely Planet), broadcaster (BBC Radio Devon & BBC Guernsey) and the British Exploring Society's media Leader on its 2016 Himalaya expedition. I write a blog that aims to inspire adventures; deliver inspiring training and record and edit powerful oral history archives.

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