Winter Surf Challenge

Half of this adventure project (Nicola Hendy; NH) lives in Wales. Half (Belinda Dixon; BD) lives in Devon. And we sometimes get competitive; about our abilities and about how great the places we live are.

Which led to the Wales Vs Devon Winter Surf  Challenge (video below)

Here’s an almost-reliable transcript 😉  of just how it came about …

Bantham Beach

BD: Let’s do a Winter Surf adventure

NH: Great idea. So, we’ll do it in Wales, and we’ll  …

BD: Hang on, Wales? Why not Devon?

NH: Because there’s an amazing surf spot on Gower that you just HAVE to go to…

BD: Well, there’s an amazing surf spot in Devon that YOU just have to go to. Bantham’s got a river mouth, and wide beach and dunes and …

NH: Well, I’m thinking of Rhossili. A place that’s regularly voted one of the best beaches in the world… It has shipwrecks as well as sand dunes, and is three miles long…

Rhossili Beach

BD: Three miles? Sand dunes and shipwrecks? Oh. Well … Bantham is beyond beautiful. And I bet the waves are better. And I bet  …

NH: Hang on, better waves? I very much doubt that!

BD: Well, do you actually need better waves? I mean, it’s not like you stand up THAT often, is it?

NH: Not often, but I can….! If the waves are right, my position is right, and I’m lucky 😉

BD: (defensively) Bodyboarding is much harder than it looks, actually …

NH: Haha, well, why don’t you go bodyboarding at Bantham, and I’ll surf on Gower?! (and we’ll both try not to freeze)

BD: And we’ll see which looks best? You’re on!

Time to find out …

Video by Nicola Hendy

The very gorgeous Rhossili Beach is part of the National Trust’s Rhossili and South Gower Coast in Wales.

The very gorgeous Bantham Beach is in the South Hams, in south Devon, 16 miles south west of Totnes

Of course, much care is needed when entering the sea. Research beach safety and the water and weather conditions, and know your limits. The RNLI is a superb source of safety advice.

Published by Belinda Dixon

I'm a travel & adventure writer (Lonely Planet), broadcaster (BBC Radio Devon & BBC Guernsey) and the British Exploring Society's media Leader on its 2016 Himalaya expedition. I write a blog that aims to inspire adventures; deliver inspiring training and record and edit powerful oral history archives.

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