Five Reasons to Walk This Winter

Three weeks into the New Year is a tricky time. Still-dark evenings, harsh weather and (perhaps) some resolutions that haven’t quite survived. But those aren’t reasons not to GetOutside and walk. They’re precisely why we should. Set Goals Like cute dogs, resolutions are not just for Christmas (well, New Year). Why confine defining our aspirationsContinue reading “Five Reasons to Walk This Winter”

Three Great GetOutside Resolutions

Amid all the New Year Stops and Dont’s and Giving Ups, how about adding a great big GetOutside YES!! Here are three great GetOutside Resolutions that you’ll delight in keeping: Live. Laugh. Love. Live By which I mean – really feel alive. There’s something about being in the outdoors, encased by sky and ground orContinue reading “Three Great GetOutside Resolutions”