A Coast Path Night Run

It’s amazing how much of a view you can see in the dark. And just what brilliantly bonkers fun running at night can be. Half way around, the view from the headland revealed a bright moon traced by mackerel clouds, sketchily-shaped hills, and village lights reflected in the creek. And getting there had been ridiculouslyContinue reading “A Coast Path Night Run”

Swimming In Hope

The first day of 2017 saw dozens of wild-swimmers take to the sea in South Devon. That we met at a beach called Inner Hope seemed pretty fitting – because you could describe this brilliant bunch of people a little like this … Beach-gatherers, Excited-chatterers Happy-faffers*, Quick-changers Chill-seekers, Shallows-shriekers Wave-riders, Gleeful-whoopers Fast-towelers, Speedy-dressers Mug-clutchers, Hot waterbottle-huggers Cake-sharers, Fire-huddlers Friendship-forgers, Hope-affirmers Spirit-lifters, Grin-gifters Days-seizers, Life-liversContinue reading “Swimming In Hope”