Sea Cliff Climbing

“Only birds and climbers can be here,” says one of our party as he looks around. “Just climbers and birds.” He’s right. Rock ledges plummet. Cliff faces soar. Birds wheel. An azure sea glints. And always, below, the surge of the waves. It’s a coast somehow filtered in intensity, as if in super slow-mo. There’sContinue reading “Sea Cliff Climbing”

Learning / Remembering to Ride

Words: Belinda Dixon; Images: Malcolm Snelgrove Imagine – it’s the kind of day Dartmoor does so well: colour-vivid; sunglasses-bright. Gorse a vibrant yellow against a brilliant blue sky. And you’re in the kind of place Dartmoor does so well: away from roads, with a wilderness feel, resounding to only-natural sounds: a soft whinny, the clipContinue reading “Learning / Remembering to Ride”