Dartmoor Dewerstone Climb

By Belinda Dixon & Nicola Hendy  It’s 10am on a bright, breathtakingly beautiful Dartmoor day. With climbing instructor Justin Nicholas, photographer Malcolm Snelgrove and film-maker Philippa Waddell we’ve just trekked from Shaugh Prior car park up to the Dewerstone crag. For both Nicola and Belinda this will be our very first outdoor climb. So, how doContinue reading “Dartmoor Dewerstone Climb”

SUP: Stand Up Paddleboarding

Words: Belinda Dixon; Images: Nicola Hendy “Time and tide wait for no man.” Or woman. Or StandUpPaddleboarder, it seems 😉 You remember it – that Friday of the Easter holidays; the one day when the sun surely did shine. It took us (me & Nicola Hendy) to Mylor Yacht Harbour, near Falmouth in Cornwall. For aContinue reading “SUP: Stand Up Paddleboarding”

Winter Surf Challenge

Half of this adventure project (Nicola Hendy; NH) lives in Wales. Half (Belinda Dixon; BD) lives in Devon. And we sometimes get competitive; about our abilities and about how great the places we live are. Which led to the Wales Vs Devon Winter Surf  Challenge (video below) Here’s an almost-reliable transcript 😉  of just howContinue reading “Winter Surf Challenge”